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2011 Social Media Trends

Ease of Stalking:

Stalking that someone special has never been easier, and we think it will just get easier. With the prevalence of Facebook’s auto-social settings, and the likelihood that not all your “friends”  are tech savvy enough to figure how to remain private, the exposure to more and more of you online selves is out there on the web… somewhere and somehow.

Some of us don’t care – we already blog and tweet so that people CAN know a lot about us. But others probably should care – the ones who drank too much tequila and got crazy at the lake party and have friends with itchy camera phone fingers. The likelihood that a tech savvy employer will find out the real you (versus the you you portrayed on your application) has never been greater.

The same goes for old flames, random hotties and the person you almost remember from that one night is Texas that you can’t get out of your mind.

Brand Annoyance:

My tweet had the word canoe in it the other day. The next minute I was followed by 16 boat, canoe, raft, kayak and outdoor gear companies.

In my tweet I was actually talking about a beer I had a few times in Wisconsin. As much as I have a reputation for being a sailor I have found that terra firma suited me best.

These followers then started trying to get me to “engage”, which I did by blocking them and reporting them as spam.

It is our hope that in the upcoming year companies will figure out the difference between “a passing mention” and “brand fan”.

Twalking the twalk:

With the twerminology of the twandscape twanging so much, we here at tweadquarters foresee a surge of twibalism strong enough to twustrate the most twiberal twenglish tweachers.

Flash Mob Hits:

In the middle of the food court of the Alexandria Virginia mall, a seeming unconnected crowd will burst into song and kills Fast Eddie McGonangel. A friend will send you the link to the Youtube video.

Reverse Psychology Re-target Marketing:

Ever since ad Retargeting became the thing, I have modified my own online shopping methods: I now never buy on the first site visit. When I visit sites or do similar searches the next day I notice different messaging… offers becoming distinct and more bountiful. I feel if I kept teasing my way to sites through searches I will eventually make the best deal possible for my shopping process. It’s like bargaining through behavior and I can foresee a smart entrepreneur inventing some reverse psychology software that will do the bargain/browsing for you. You tell it what you want, 8 days later it comes back with the best re-targeted deal possible.

This software will eventually be so successful that it will become a bricks and mortar store called “Re-Target” – the logo being a reverse bulleye.

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